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Logging in

  • » I have forgotten my user details (username/password/security answer)
    You can request a reminder online for any of your security details. Please click on the 'Forgotten Your User Details' link on the login page.

  • » I have forgotten both my username and password
    If you have forgotten your username and password, please submit a 'forgot username' request first (to retrieve your username), followed by a 'forgot password' request.

  • » My account is locked
    If you have locked your account, from too many failed attempts (5), please wait at least half an hour before trying again. Accounts will be unlocked automatically after 30-40 mins.
    If you still cannot remember any of your security details, please use the 'Forgotten Your User Details' link on the login page to reset.

  • » I tried the 'Forgotten Your User Details' facility, but it didn't work
    You will not be able to use the 'Forgotten Your User Details' link if your account is locked. Accounts will be unlocked automatically after 30-40 mins.
    If you are still struggling to use this facility please telephone: 01226 772923 for assistance.

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  • » Is my registration still valid from the previous site?
    If you previously registered and activated your account after Nov 2015, yes. However, if you only used the old mypension system (where your NI number was your username), then unfortunately you will need to register again. Likewise for all members who registered their details with the previous version who did NOT activate their account. Please click on the 'Register' link on the home page to register for this new version of mypension.
    If you did activate your account with the previous version of mypension - then all your existing login details will still be valid. Please proceed to the login page and use the 'Forgotten Your User Details' facility if you are unsure of your details.

  • » I tried to register, but my details were not accepted
    Please make sure that the details you are entering are correct. If you have recently changed your surname, we may still have your previous name on record. In which case, you could try registering with your former name - if this is still on our record, the registration will go through and you can update your name later online once logged in.

  • » I'm not sure if I've already registered?
    If you are not sure whether or not you have already registered, you may try registering again. If you have registered, you will receive a message on screen confirming this. In which case - please use the 'Forgotten Your User Details' link on the login page before contacting us.

  • » I cannot get past step 2 of the registration process
    Step 2 of the registration involves setting your security question, answer, username and password. Each of these user credentials has specific criteria which must be met in order to proceed. Please be guided by the on-screen messages when completing this form. You can change any of these details once logged in. Your username can be anything - your email address, National Insurance Number or anything which passes the validation.

  • » What happens after I have registered for mypension?
    An activation code will be emailed to the address you registered with. Please allow 20 minutes to receive this and check your spam folders. Once you receive your activation code please activate your account as soon as possible. Activation codes expire after 3 days. After this time, you will need to login and then request a new one.

  • » I have registered successfully for the online service but I haven't received an activation code
    Please check your spam folder of the email account that you registered with.
    If you have not received an Activation Code within an hour you may request another one, but you will need to login first using your username and password and then click on the the link shown on the subsequent page.

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All Members

  • » How do I update my personal details?
    You can update your personal details online under the 'Personal Details' page. It is possible to update your name, marital status, address, telephone numbers and email.

  • » How do I update my login details?
    You first need to login to amend your login details (if you are not sure of your login details please use the 'Forgotten Your User Details' link on the Login page). Once logged in, you can amend your login credentials via: 'My Login Details'.

  • » How do I amend my death grant nominations?
    You can update your death grant nominations via 'mypension Accounts' >> 'Update My Nomination'.

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Active Members

  • » Can I view my benefit statements online?
    Yes, from the home page click on 'My Documents'.

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Pensioner Members

  • » How can I find out about any annual pensions increase?
    Either via our main SYPA website (under Members >> Pensioners >> Pensions increase).
    Or from the home page of mypension (after logging in) >> Pensioners link (bottom-right of screen) >> 'Pensions Increase'

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  • » Who is this site for?
    This site is for members of the LGPS (Local Government Pension Scheme) only. We do not administer pensions for police/fire service personal or teachers, just the support staff.

  • » How long does it take to set up a pension account?
    This can vary depending upon how quickly we receive all the information from your employer, but it could be about 1 month. We will notify you as soon as this is done and send you a welcome pack in the post. If you are new to the LGPS, you will not be able to set up an online account until your employer has notified us with all the necessary information.

  • » What are the office hours for the support team?
    8.30 - 5.00 Monday-Thursday and
    8.30 - 4.30 on Fridays.

  • » Further help
    Further help is available in the form of our online demos.
    If you are still having problems logging in, please use our General enquiry form. If you are able to login please use the 'My Messages' option on the site, as this is the most secure way of contacting us.